Happy Goddess Day Meet Ricoh House
Date: 2016-03-23 14:07:46

In March, the spring is bright and everything is reviving, we ushered in the new year of "March 8" International Women's Day. In order to make our female compatriots have a rich and colorful March 8 Women's Day, and make the special day more meaningful, full and happy, Mr. Yu, the general manager of Liguang Company, led the whole office.


  The Admiralty Greenway is full of peach, plum and pear blossoms, reflecting each other, and is an excellent place to enjoy flowers, leisure and entertainment in spring, with a breeze, breathing in the fragrance brought by nature, laughing all the way, and setting off to happiness.

This year, in the most prosperous season of the company, we organized the "Women's Day" activity, all of us not only gave thanks, but also made the distance between each other closer, and made the "Liguang House" more warm. The "Women's Day" event was organized in the peak season of the company.

   We have been focusing on quality and new product research and development since last year, we focus on producing 5730 and 2835 high voltage lamp beads, which are now in mass production.

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