Foreign trade salesman

Recruitment number: 3 people
Job Description.
1, responsible for the promotion of Alibaba international network platform and exhibition participation. ;
2、Develop customer resources, looking for potential customers, to achieve sales targets
3, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, the courage to innovate, breakthrough
4, 1-3 years of foreign trade industry sales experience, skilled in foreign trade process

Sales Representative
Recruitment number: 5 people
Job Description.
1、Develop new customers, find potential customers, and accomplish sales targets.
2、Sign sales contracts, follow up and coordinate the shipment of orders, audit the accounts and records related to sales services
3、Resolve sales and service complaints raised by customers; and be able to independently handle and solve the tasks under their responsibility
4, with strong sales skills and sales experience, marketing experience and channel development experience

Warehouse Manager
Recruitment number: 2 people
Job description.
1、Receiving goods according to purchase orders, delivering goods according to production orders, filling out relevant documents for all received and delivered materials
2、Responsible for the management of all materials in the warehouse and data verification and entry work (to do the Kingdee system accounts)
3, the material abnormalities of the material return, replacement of goods tracking
4、Age 23-35 years old male, with more than 1 year warehouse management experience

Production foreman
Recruitment number: 2 people
Job Description.
1、According to the production plan and tasks, arrange and control the progress of production operations, and complete the production target on time
2、Participate in the improvement of production efficiency and product quality action plans and implementation
3、Production abnormalities timely feedback, improvement, tracking 
4、Responsible for workshop 7S management and staff training

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