Mid-autumn trip of the House of Ricoh - Zhuhai Changlong Ocean Kingdom
Date: 2018-10-27 14:13:55

In this Mid-Autumn Festival, we organized a trip to Zhuhai Changlong Ocean Kingdom on September 23rd, and invited our family members to join us, breaking the small pattern of family reunion and truly reflecting the fraternity and warmth of the "Liguang Home" family.

   Changlong Ocean Kingdom is the world's top, largest, most amusement-rich, and most imaginative leisure park with marine animals as its theme.

     Walking into the Oceanarium is like being in a magical underwater world. Inside the curved promenade, you can see thousands of rare fish swimming around, and the colorful circular dome reflects beautiful light.

      This is the much-anticipated, all-in-one star theme area "Ocean Wonders", only on TV, computer to see the size of the whale shark, in front of them we humans are really very small.

    Take a rafting boat deep into the polar glaciers, experience canyon rafting, see polar bears and Antarctic penguins, climb snowy icebergs, extreme surfing, lake rafting .......... A variety of rich and exotic peak experiences such as this will take your breath away.

      All the children and adults played happily, forgot the time, forgot the exertion, refreshed their knowledge in this amazement and admiration, and were full of happiness and harvest in this special festival.

      We always advocate the concept of "Happy Work, Happy Life", and constantly improve the welfare in all aspects, so that every family member of Ricoh has a sense of security, belonging and responsibility.

     Get ready in advance for the next batch of trips!

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