Love in the Light About Guilin
Date: 2018-12-04 14:14:53

 In November, snow started to fall in the north, while the south is still lush, sunny and beautiful everywhere. The company adheres to the general manager Mr. Yu's business philosophy of "go out and see more" which is different and ahead of time, and on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day, the company organized the second trip of 18 years for the core team to Guangxi Guilin.

Feel a natural and pure land, let the mind docked on the shore, quietly enjoy the sun and water and the peace of the moment, paddling a two-person bamboo raft on the Encounter Dragon River, the heartland, relaxed, with you, with me, with the light.

Guilin's landscape is the best in the world, and Yangshuo's landscape is the best in Guilin.

It has always been on the 20 yuan banknote to see the intaglio and watermark production of imagery landscape, Li River are in the vague expectation of the soul to dream, finally brought to the dream landscape, mountains, a thousand shapes, water, winding, the group of peaks reflecting the mountain floating water, autumn pan Li River more rhyme, Li light small partners are enchanted by the beauty of the eyes.

If it is said that the beauty of Li River is in the exquisite interlacing, the scenery is fantastical, then the "beauty" of the light is in the insistence, always adhere to the technology as the core, the quality of service for the purpose of guarantee. The company is not only a large enterprise producing LED encapsulated lamp beads and home lighting panels and strips, but also has dominated the mainstream market of lens light box products in domestic bus stations.

The house of Liguang is a team with vigor and vitality, with the courage to surpass all difficulties and keep moving forward, looking forward to the next trip of Liguang together.

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