How to layout the LED lighting industry in 2015?
Date: 2015-01-25 14:35:59


 Another year to sum up, a few happy a few worried. At the beginning of the year, the industry has been optimistic about the situation of the LED industry in 2014, said 2014 is the explosion of LED lighting year. A year has passed, how about the results?

  A year ago because the governments of various countries to actively promote energy conservation and emission reduction, banning incandescent lamps, vigorously advocate the use of LED lighting products; export orders increased, especially in India, a country with energy shortage is particularly obvious. All kinds of signs seem to indicate that the LED industry has entered the explosive period of rapid development.

  When the industry is ready to meet the market outbreak of laughter, just a few months later, due to the overall domestic economic situation weakened, the upstream real estate industry growth slowdown and engineering projects to reduce the domestic monetary constraints, difficult loans, etc., even the export trade was favored, but also because the European economy has not recovered and continued to decline. All kinds of unfavorable factors swept in the "expansion period" of the LED lighting industry, the lighting market is relatively cold.

  In the face of the changing LED market, some enterprises were caught unprepared and lost, similar to Fengguang, began to run away, and a tide of closures began to appear; some enterprises started from improving their own competitive strength, in order to gain a competitive advantage, and merger and integration, merger and reorganization, Mason Technology acquired Sunshine Optoelectronics, Jiawei shares acquired Pinnacle Lighting, with the full occupancy of True Bright, etc., the annual merger and acquisition There are more than 30 cases involving upstream, middle and downstream of the industry chain.

  Small and medium-sized LED enterprises can not afford to boldly carry out brand promotion and channel layout, but also can not afford to get the loans, the market situation is dismal, how to do?

  I concentrated in LED enterprises in shenzhen Huaqiang LED trading center, randomly interviewed some enterprises, some views worthy of small and medium-sized LED enterprises to learn from.

   Pragmatic is the hard truth

  This year, the lighting market is full of uneasy factors, follow the wind, a lot of LED enterprises into a heavy crisis, some large enterprises have taken a detour there is a chance to correct and get on track, while small and medium-sized enterprises often do not have the ability to pay for mistakes. Therefore, the first step to do a good job on the product, to do a good job in business, to do the performance up, not risky not aggressive. Secondly, pay attention to the benign flow of funds, preferably cash transactions, to avoid triangular debt, numerous "collapse", "run away" all the time knocking our nerves.

   Multi-channel layout

  To be successful, enterprises must pay attention to the expansion of channels, physical channels, agency channels, direct sales channels, and e-commerce channels, multi-channel layout. In Huaqiang LED trading center for many years of business, Mr. Li gave his own way of survival: the characteristics of LED products determine the current entity channel is the most important sales channel, Huaqiang LED trading center because of its superior address location and professionalism, especially as a window for foreign trade exports, we will define the starting point for the construction of the entity channel, can play a role of the point with the surface, through the accumulation of these years, we have developed partners in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Russia, etc., as well as many domestic cities. And here to accommodate the four or five hundred LED enterprises, interoperability, new products listed immediately to be able to spread. In addition, e-commerce channels are emerging sales carriers, global resources, Alibaba, Tmall and other channels are used by many lighting companies, we also work with LED network media and other cooperation, in cross-border e-commerce and brand promotion, are doing a better job of trying. "All are talking about O2O, we are the real O2O, offline display, online sales, a platform to achieve", talking about the recent popular online O2O model, Mr. Li said.

  Rapid product circulation

  Whether it is channel construction or brand promotion, the ultimate goal is to sell the product. During my visit, coincided with the Huaqiang LED trading center in the "LED boutique exhibition and sale" activities, enterprises vigorously product promotions, and even product clearance, the market vigorously promote, buyers get benefits, all happy. Promotions, discounts, clearance, products sold, money back, in order to achieve value.

  Despite the unpredictable market, but fully exploit their own advantages, pragmatic business, see the product positioning, seize market opportunities, multi-channel attempts to develop appropriate marketing strategies, is a small and medium-sized LED enterprises should go to think and study the way of survival.

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