LED road lighting new development analysis
Date: 2015-07-25 14:49:49


  The energy crisis and the deteriorating global ecological environment make it necessary for us to conserve and rationalize the use of effective resources, of which electricity is a thing closely related to our lives. Times are developing, and there are more and more roads, and the electricity spent on road lighting accounts for about 30% of the world's lighting power consumption. Therefore, in order to ease the electricity tension and reduce energy consumption, we must promote the use of green light sources. Now the domestic road lighting using LED light source more and more, the original road lighting will also be replaced by LED light source, the construction of roads and projects are mostly used LED light source. Energy-saving, environmental protection, long life of the Zhaochang Lighting LED street lights gradually into the people's view.

  ZHAOCHANG LED street light will use very little energy to achieve the best lighting effect, which will greatly save the power required for road lighting. In road lighting, replacing damaged street lights is also a big economic expense, and ZHAOCHANG LED street lights have the advantage of long life, long-term use, no need to replace. 100,000 hours of theoretical lighting time of LED street lights, is dozens of times more than ordinary incandescent lamps, which is more for the use of LED in road lighting has won the advantage.

  LED street lights have the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, long life, etc., is the most ideal light source on the market. I believe the use of LED street lights will promote the development of the entire LED lighting industry.

  ZHAOCHANG LED street light adopts high quality aluminum heat dissipation, with excellent heat dissipation effect. The high-quality reinforced explosion-proof glass lens is safe, reliable and practical, and the light transmission rate is very high. LED street light adopts IP65 standard waterproof drive to ensure that the drive power does not enter water. On this basis, three layers of waterproof rubber ring is used to protect the lamp body (face frame, bottom cover, outlet), so that the whole lamp really reaches the IP65 waterproof and rainproof standard. The street light shell is corrosion-resistant, anti-cracking, beautiful and atmospheric. The national standard three-core wire of ZHAOCHANG LED street light adopts high quality fuchsia copper core, which is lustrous, soft to the touch and has fire-resistant and flame-retardant characteristics.

  Zhaochang LED street light has obvious advantages, although currently on the high side of the price, but with the standardization of the industry, the price of LED is not a problem in the future. With the improvement and optimization of the industry, the technology on LED street lights is also not much of a problem.

  A country wants to continue to develop rapidly, energy problems are the primary problem that must be faced, and ZHAOCHANG LED street lights can largely solve the energy problems in road lighting. In a word, LED will be a great success in road lighting applications in countries around the world, and the prospect is quite promising.

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